Finding Petronella


What happens when two tall, loud, curly, energetic women combine to change the world through music and dance? My dear friend Mira Manickam and I were sitting on my bed in the Marin Headlands last December.  We had just held our first recording session together.  “Mira, it’s crazy,” I said.  “I wanted to be a writer, and now I’m walking across Finland, retracing the steps of a 90-year-old wild woman and writing… Read More

Camp is set, our climbing gear is ready, and we hear the roar of a bus engine.  Forty-six 6th grade girls pour down the stairs, giggling, screaming, laughing.  Apples roll from lunch boxes, sleeping bags are piled unceremoniously on the side of the road, and we call them into a giant circle.  I scan the crowd, soaking in the advertisements.  Abercrombie jacket.  Heavy mascara.  Authentic Ray Bans.  $200 skinny jeans.  Brand new Keds… Read More