Finding Petronella


Today’s Finding Petronella Kickstarter Update (Or: A Long-Awaited Update on the Status of Things) Tuesday, June 16th 2015 – somewhere around 11:30am Hello, Friend. The power is out at the Lake, and it’s raining. All the things that make life more complicated – cell phones, home phones, unanswered emails and things I feel I should be doing, facebook, internet black holes of jazzy titles designed to capture our waning attention spans (and cat… Read More

In my dream, I am a phoenix. I am standing in the wake of a tornado: shattered concrete, ashes, splintered beams, debris from buildings I have known, lived in, even.  A wiry gray dog extracts himself from underneath a broken door, lifts his leg to pee, and walks out of the frame.  The world is silent. At the highest point of the mass, the ground begins to vibrate.  The rubble glows a golden… Read More