Excerpt from our first visit in April 2013: “Petronella acknowledges my presence with the slightest of nods.  She sits on a throne of pillows, eating applesauce out of a porcelain teacup.  Her right hand grasps a tiny spoon, and a ray of sunlight catches the sapphire ring on her finger, sending shadows of blue fire dancing across the cream-colored wall of the houseboat.  Slowly, she extends her hand to me, admiring the… Read More

The future work of a woman will be wide, and her task important. What centuries, millenia, have broken and neglected, that all will be corrected and mended by her. – Minna Canth This week, on the 19th of March, Finland celebrated Minna Canth’s Day – also the Day of Social Equality.  Minna was a Finnish writer and the first female Finnish-speaking journalist, as well as the first woman to have a flag day in… Read More

“Escape. Walk out. Like someone suddenly born into color. Do it now.” – Rumi     One month ago, I reached my funding goal on Kickstarter to walk across Finland, retracing the steps of a 90-year-old woman, and write about my trek.  Shortly thereafter, I quit my job, moved out of my apartment in the Headlands and into the city, cut off and donated my hair, and tried to brace myself for the changes… Read More