This Is How We Do (we say we are, and then we do, and then we are.)

What happens when two tall, loud, curly, energetic women combine to change the world through music and dance?

My dear friend Mira Manickam and I were sitting on my bed in the Marin Headlands last December.  We had just held our first recording session together.  “Mira, it’s crazy,” I said.  “I wanted to be a writer, and now I’m walking across Finland, retracing the steps of a 90-year-old wild woman and writing about it.  You wanted to be a rapper, and somehow you found a grant that would combine your love for hip-hop with kids and the environment and everything else you do.  How did this happen?”  Mira smiled at me.

“This is how we do.  We say we are, and then we do, and then we are, she said.”

And that became our motto.

I am a writer, vocalist, environmental educator, river rafting guide, flashmob consultant, ultimate frisbee player, salsa dancer, jazz flute player, world traveler.  I wear adventure pants and chase llamas and make crazy shapes out of pancakes.  I dream far.

Mira is a multi-media artist, female rapper, environmental educator, author, activist, rock climber, surf ninja warrior.  She wears Brazilian spandex workout suits to parties and beats grown men at cross-fit competitions.  Her creativity knows no bounds.

I am a white girl who steps, she is a brown girl who surfs.  This is who we are, this is what we do.  And this is where our paths converge: on a mission to remind girls how to dream.

Please spread our video and message far and wide, and stay tuned for the next project!

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